Bait Al-Watan district is one of the prominent high-end districts that include many valuable investment projects due to the increased demand for available units.
Bait Al-Watan includes 8 districts, each being different by its independence and privacy. Each district has special advantages, including location, a distance that separates it from the vital areas in the region, and other factors that contribute to giving each district a special advantage as follows:
● The Seventh and the Eighth districts in Bait Al Watan are defined by being the closest to the New Administrative Capital, as they are separated from it by the Mohammed bin Zayed axis.
● The first and the second districts of Bait Al Watan are considered the best in terms of infrastructure, as each of them is characterized by an integrated infrastructure, allowing it to be delivered to customers faster than other districts.
● The second, the sixth, and the eighth districts are the closest districts to the Fifth Settlement, as each district is distinguished by its unique location, which makes it the closest district of Beit Al Watan to the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo
● The second district is located on the northern 90th Street, which connects the district with the Fifth Settlement, while the Mohammed bin Zayed axis connects the sixth and eighth districts with the Fifth Settlement in the Lotus area in the heart of the Fifth Settlement
● One and Two districts are the closest districts to Bait Al Watan to Suez Road
We at Celeste are interested in working in the best Bait Al Watan districts according to each district’s advantages to help you make the decision that suits your aspirations and desires

Reasons behind the high demand for Beit Al Watan, Fifth Settlement
● Population density
Beit Al-Watan is marked by low population density, which guarantees the residents comfort and tranquility, and enjoyment of integrated services, and a high degree of efficiency, as the construction in Beit Al-Watan depends on the building requirements set by the New Urban Communities Authority, which requires a construction percentage of 50%, and allows floors and apartments constructions according to the space

● The site

Bait Al Watan area is considered the link between the Fifth Settlement and the New Administrative Capital, as it is located on the borders of the New Administrative Capital, and along the Northern 90 Street in the Fifth Settlement, as well as near some huge projects such as Al Rehab City, Palm Hills Compound, and Madinaty.

● Growth rates

Bait Al Watan area is in the first stage of growth, which results in an increase in investment opportunities, as a result of lower prices compared to the fully developed areas, and units prices in the Bait Al Watan area will increase once its services and facilities are completed.

● Project size

Beit Al Watan project is recognized for its huge size, which makes it one of the largest urban projects in New Cairo, with a total area of 4,200 acres, which provides an opportunity to build high-quality educational institutions, commercial and recreational facilities. You can find malls, schools, and even integrated sports clubs

Bait Al Watan and Real Estate Investment

Bait Al Watan Fifth Settlement is an investment area that reflects a strong future investment, as a result of the rapid rise in the average price per square meter in Bait Al Watan districts, which makes it a good opportunity for those who wish to invest.
Celeste owns many projects in Bait Al Watan, which makes it one of the most important and best real estate investment companies in the Fifth Settlement, as we are aware of the importance of the Bait Al Watan project

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