Real estate investment in Matrouh is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to make profits in a short period, as the northwestern coast in Egypt is defined by its attraction to investors, such as Matrouh city, which brings peace of mind for Matrouh’s beaches natural and picturesque beauty.

Important information about Marsa Matrouh

Matrouh locates 440 km from Cairo and 297 km from Alexandria. Marsa Matrouh spreads in the desert for 400 km, while it stretches along the Mediterranean coast for450 km.
Marsa Matrouh area is 166.563 km2, and it contains many tourist places that enhance its importance as an investment area.
Marsa Matrouh has many beautiful tourist attractions, which are located close to the center like the Salt Cave, Libya Market, Cleopatra Bath, Porto Matrouh, and Rommel Museum.
Marsa Matrouh includes many services and facilities like hospitals, medical clinics, universities, schools, entertainment venues, and shopping centers.

The best districts in Marsa Matruh

Ageba area contains varied developments including villas, and chalets, which have a direct sea view.
Alexandria Street, which is considered one of the most famous streets in Marsa Matrouh, is characterized by containing all the basic services and facilities, in addition to being close to the sea.

Why invest in Marsa Matrouh?

● Marsa Matrouh has the security.
● Marsa Matruh has 450 km of underutilized coastline along the Mediterranean.
● Marsa Matrouh has many agricultural and natural ingredients
● In Marsa Matrouh, there are quarries, raw salt, as well as petroleum, and other
industrial ingredients
● Marsa Matrouh has glistening sand and crystal clear waters
● In Marsa Matruh, there are many beautiful beaches with calm air, like Agiba Beach, Al
Abyad Beach, Al Fayrouz Beach, Al Gharam Beach, Rommel Beach, and Beausite Beach

In the end, we seek in Celeste to choose the unique places in Egypt to plan our projects and create properties that benefit our customers, and given that Marsa Matrouh has the previous advantages, we consider it an ideal city for building summer properties and real estate investment in Matrouh.

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