How will you spend your vacation in Marsa Matruh? What are the most popular places to go out?
We will provide you with the most famous places in Matrouh to know before traveling. Even if you have a limited budget or time, you can have the most fun at a low cost and in a short time.

1. Corniche Marsa Matrouh
You can walk around to breathe the fresh air or ride a bike or car, or an open-top train on Matrouh Corniche, which has the most wonderful view, beautiful beaches with natural beauty, and incredible turquoise coast that takes you to another world of joy and relaxation.

2. Al-Ameed protectress
Are you a plant and nature fan? You can spend an exciting time in Al-Ameed protectress in Matrouh city, where plants are from different types. The protectress includes 70 medicinal treatment plants types, such as anal, wormwood, plantain, sorrel. Also, 60 natural plants types are used in soap, oils, and fuels manufacturers. Not only that, there is a group of animals in the sanctuary such as deer, chameleons, foxes, rabbits, and prey birds. The sanctuary is also known for sand dunes, salt flats, swamps, flatlands, valleys, and dips spread.

3. Salt Cave
You cannot go to Marsa Matrouh without going to the salt cave to get rid of negative energy. It is a coarse rock salt cave that contains lamps with dim lights to help you fully relax, renew your energy, stimulate blood circulation, and is also known for treating some diseases.

4. Temple of Ramses II
Ramses II template is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Matrouh. It is known for its beautiful inscriptions and hieroglyphic symbols that recount King Ramses II life, wars, and victories he lived. Near the temple, there is King Ramses II castle, and a stone wall remains.

5. Summer Circus
The summer circus includes many entertainment shows.

How to enjoy the desert’s natural beauty in Marsa Matrouh?

Soft sand, beautiful Bedouin life, and adventure life, you can get a safari trip in Matrouh desert, especially Siwa desert, and enjoy sandboarding, watching wild animals, desert plants, riding camels, or scooters.

Sea World in Marsa Matrouh

Matrouh contains one of the most popular diving clubs in the world, which is Basant Beach diving club. You can enjoy scuba diving and watch the beautiful and picturesque marine creatures, the wonderfully colored coral reefs, and ships remains during World War II, which is a tourist attraction.

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