Do you want spending an enjoyable vacation in one of the distinctive tourist cities? Don’t think too much! Marsa Matrouh is one of the beautiful coastal cities in the world. Let’s learn more about Marsa Matrouh beaches.
Matrouh beaches are one of the most attractive beaches in Egypt, where they attract citizens and tourists every year, due to the charm that reflects in its clear water and soft sand. Just choose the beach you want to enjoy, and we guarantee you with Celeste an enjoyable time and a unique experience because we care about your comfort and well-being, as we have several compounds developed on Marsa Matrouh beaches.
know with us Matrouh beaches and its most prominent advantages
● At a distance of 3.1 km from the city center, Al Fayrouz Beach is differentiated from
other beaches by its calm water and provides you an opportunity to enjoy water games.
● The White Beach is named after it because it contains white sand. It is one of the most important beaches in Marsa Matrouh. It is characterized by its water purity, clearness,
and cleanness. It is easily accessible, as it is 20 km from the city west.
● Cleopatra Beach, in association with Queen Cleopatra’s Bath, is a closed rock formation that allows water to pass through and is characterized by rocky outcrops and tunnels, in addition to the white sand, the group of monuments and sculptures dating back to ancient times. The beach is 5 km from the city’s heart.
● Agiba Beach is considered a tourist attraction for many around the world due to its closeness to the Roman tombs that date back to 2000 years, and recognized as one of the best beaches in Matrouh and Egypt, for its beauty and nature that catches the eye, it locates 28 km from the city west.
● Mubarak Beach is one of the modern beaches in Marsa Matrouh, characterized by its calmness and attractiveness, in addition to its turquoise water. It is surrounded by walls and gates with wonderful designs that give the beach a special charm. The beach is located in Abu Haroun Street, next to Marsa Matrouh police station.
● Rommel Beach is one of the most exquisite beaches in charming Matrouh city, and the northwest coast has many advantages that make it a tourist attraction and an ideal place for those who want to relax and enjoy their vacation. .

Rommel Beach bears the name of the German commander Erwin Rommel, who was nicknamed the Desert Fox, and he was working in World War II in a trench dug inside the rocks to hide. Rommel’s personal belongings, and military operations maps.

Matrouh Rommel Beach features

● Rommel Beach identified by its white sand and its clear, multi-deep water in turquoise and dark blue shades.
● Rommel Beach has a long history and wonderful cultural landmarks.
● On the beach, there is a range of sports that allow visitors enjoying their time, like horse and camel riding, water skiing, and windsurfing.
● Rommel Beach has many touristic resorts that offer great activities for visitors.

At Celeste, we are interested in developing summer projects in the most famous coastal areas in Egypt, including Marsa Matrouh city, especially in Rommel Beach, for its beauty, attractiveness, and special charm.
You can enjoy a wonderful experience that includes luxury at this beautiful beach, and get the rest you are looking for

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