What is the future of the real estate market in Egypt? What are the real estate market advantages? What are the signs that indicate the real estate market’s success in Egypt? Find out the answers in this article

The real estate market future in Egypt in the coming period is distinct and includes a lot of prosperity and growth, due to the government’s interest in the real estate sector. The real estate market in Egypt is witnessing a remarkable period of growth at all levels, whether construction or buying and selling, due to several factors, the most influential of which is the many new areas developments encouraging real estate investment, and these areas include New Cairo City, New Alamein City, the Administrative Capital, the North Coast, and other areas, ensuring the stability of the real estate market in the next phase of 2021, as the real estate sector is one of the most important axes in the Egyptian economy

The reasons behind the real estate market boom expectations in the future

● Stability in the prices of building materials, and the decline in the price of the dollar
● Low-interest rates within banks in light of the recent decisions of the Central Bank
● Starting life in the new administrative capital and other fourth-generation cities
● Government movement to the new administrative capital
● Positive results of the economic reform program adopted by the government

Egyptian real estate advantages

● Real estate investment is very popular as one of the best aspects of safe investments,
and it provides many advantages, the most important of which are:
● Generate passive income that is relatively tax-free
● The ability to establish a continuous financial value without interruption, considering
real estate immovable fixed assets, as it is the net profit that is added to the income
● Achieving a better living standard for the community as a whole by improving the available housing units
● Achieving protection against inflation, when price levels rise, rent prices rise, which means an increase in revenues from renting real estate and protection of investors from inflation is achieved
● Business development through real estate investment in different ways in the market, which gives you the opportunity to improve and develop your business and increase your wealth quickly Future success evidence of the Egyptian real estate market
● The demand for real estate in Egypt is higher than the supply in all types of real estate
● The process of buying assets is a culture adopted by many in Egypt, especially in real estate
● Increasing population numbers, corresponding to an increase in the need to buy real estate to cover the population density and meet the population needs
● An increase in marriage rates, which is a reason for the increase in the need for real estate for a living, confirms the success of the real estate market
● Payment facilities have become more flexible than in the past, as customers are able to pay the value of the property in monthly or quarterly installments at a moderate value
● The increase in gas prices will be followed by an increase in the price of real estate units, but new facilities will be adopted to keep pace with the increase in the price of real estate for the benefit of customers

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