Marsa Matrouh has recently witnessed a lot of developments and expansions in industrial and agricultural fields, and even investments, as it achieved great success in attracting investors to build real estate.
Many investment projects have been implemented in Marsa Matrouh, which resulted in containing more than one distinct compound that includes all amenities and entertainment.
We at Celeste own more than one compound in Marsa Matrouh to provide you with the right place and price easily and without searching that consumes time and effort.

Best compound in Marsa Matrouh

Marsa Matruh includes more than one compound, all of which have special advantages, and to choose the best one, you should pay attention to several factors:
● Compound location
● Compound distance from the city center
● How close is the compound to the recreational areas and the famous Marsa Matrouh landmarks
● The beaches overlooking the compound
● The compound design and the privacy extent and independence for all units in the compound
● Availability of the security and safety component inside the compound
● It should be noted the need to choose the company carefully and familiarize yourself with the payment methods, to choose the best payment method that suits your budget and financial conditions.

What are the best villages in Marsa Matrouh?

Marsa Matrouh contains the most stunning tourist villages that are characterized by their integrated services and beautiful views. We will present to you the best villages in Marsa Matrouh:
● Blue Beach Matrouh Village, which is located on the sea, enjoys a wonderful climate, contains private gardens, sandy beaches, and gives you privacy and security.
● Porto Matrouh Village, which is one of the most important tourist projects implemented in Matrouh, has a beautiful Mediterranean Sea view, in addition to its wonderfully designed residential units, Porto Village includes integrated services, commercial areas, and recreational areas.
● Agiba Bay Matrouh Village, one of the most beautiful tourist villages in Matrouh, is frequented by many citizens and tourists from all over the world. Agiba Bay village in Agiba includes outstanding services such as a covered swimming pool for women and Aqua Park
● Andalusia Village, which is located in the Al-Roum area in Matrouh, and contains complete facilities and wonderful services, including water games and restaurants.

What are the most important advantages of Marsa Matrouh?

● Marsa Matrouh is characterized by its scenic beauty, as it is one of the most exquisite coastal cities in Egypt
● It has a wonderful location on the Mediterranean coast, extending west from Alexandria to the east of the Libyan border.
● Marsa Matruh contains many high-end tourist villages and resorts
● Marsa Matrouh is characterized by its famous beaches, including Agiba Beach, Al Gharam Beach, Cleopatra Beach, Rommel Beach, and Al Fayrouz Beach

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