When you think about buying an apartment, there are many options in front of you. If you like privacy, you should choose an apartment in a compound, as the compound enjoys privacy and peace, and safety at the same time, and there are many compounds in new cities, especially in the Fifth Settlement.

Why is living in a compound better than traditional apartments?

● Privacy first

Each person has his own parking spaces, and the apartments designed in the compound are such that each apartment is as if it is separate from the whole building so that the person feels privacy.

● Secondly, complete safety and security

Any compound enjoys the presence of security personnel everywhere and at the main gates in the compound, and the presence of security personnel everywhere prevents the occurrence of theft, kidnapping, and other problems.

● Third, integrated markets

The compound residents do not have to leave the compound to buy any goods, as all the goods are available in the markets and in quantities that suffice the needs of the residents inside the compound.

● Fourth, clubs and parks

There are a very large number of clubs in each compound so that the recreational services are complete within each compound.

As for public gardens, parks, and green spaces, no compound is ever empty of them, in order to provide open spaces for running and walking as well.

Green spaces surround all the residential units, making scenic landscapes everywhere in the compound.

● Fifthly, medical services

The presence of private hospitals in each compound, where the person inside the compound feels complete comfort, as there are all medical services that are at the highest level to serve all the residents of the compound.

Pharmacies are also located in every compound, and they contain all kinds of medicines, which makes getting all kinds of medicines available on a permanent basis.

● Sixth, the beauty, and harmony of the buildings

The buildings in any compound are harmonious and often similar in design and colors, which makes the overall look of the compound exhilarating and classy at the same time.

As for the buildings from the inside, they are designed in the latest style to suit all tastes, and there are different spaces to suit all buyers’ requests.

The buildings are surrounded from the outside by green spaces, and there are spaces between each building and the other so that there is superior privacy for all the residents of the compound.

● Seventh, away from the noise of the city

Calmness inside the compound is one of the basic features of every compound, as the spacing between buildings, and the presence of places dedicated to practicing different sports helps calm and tranquility inside the compound.

● Eighth, ease of movement

The person living inside the compound can move inside and outside the compound with ease, as there are many means of transportation within each compound, which facilitate movement between all neighborhoods of the compound, and the means of transportation inside the compound facilitate access to all services from inside the compound without the need to use cars of the person.

As for the means of transportation outside the compound, they are available in most cases and transport people to different places.

It can be said that buying an apartment in a compound is the best option and the perfect solution for those looking for housing in distinct places, in terms of buildings and attachments for all the services that residents may need inside the compound.

Buying an apartment in a compound, especially in the Fifth Settlement, is one of the successful projects, whether for investment or housing.

The Fifth Settlement is one of the very high-end areas, which has become one of the best places to live in New Cairo, which made the demand for buying an apartment, especially inside the compound, a very large turnout.

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