Matrouh Governorate is considered one of the most famous governorates for its beauty, picturesque nature, and wonderful borders.
Marsa Matruh also receives a lot of visitors every year from the two resorts.

Rommel Beach

Rommel Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the northwest coast of Matrouh. It is distinguished by its cultural features and soft white sand. Its waters are multi-depth and clear.
The beach colors range between white, turquoise, and dark blue.
There are plans that the state seeks to implement to develop this beach, including making a walkway for people with special needs to facilitate their access to the beach and developing civilized toilets to suit the tourist nature of the beach, as well as creating pergolas to sit under them to enjoy the scenic views.
Of course, owning a village apartment from this beach is a great opportunity for real estate investment.

Al Fayrouz Beach

As for Al-Fayrouz Beach, it is one of the quietest & beautiful beaches in Matrouh.
This beach is located 3.1 km from the city center, and it is very suitable for families as it is characterized by calm waves.
Real estate investment in the areas near this beach is a great opportunity.

Mina Hashish and Agiba beaches

The beach of Port Hashish in Matrouh is also one of the wonderful beaches in Matrouh and it has all the services.
As for Agiba Beach, this beach is approximately 14 km west of Marsa Matruh. This beach is characterized by its blue waters. Some rocks are also scattered on the sand of the beach in a wonderful appearance and decrease as it extends into the water.
This beach took 37th place in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

white beach

White Beach is also distinguished by its privileged location, as it is located 20 kilometers west of Marsa Matrouh. This beach is characterized by the purity of its waters, its color gradation, and its soft white sand.
This beach is located near the famous recreational and tourist places in Matrouh.
The new White Corniche has now been established, which is one of the projects that will contribute to moving the area into a tourist attraction.
Therefore, owning apartments or real estate in this place is a great opportunity for investment, as, after the construction of this new beach, the price of apartments and real estate is expected to increase.

Um al-Rakhm Beach

Umm Al-Rakhm Beach This beach is also considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Marsa Matrouh and is suitable for lovers of privacy and away from crowds.

This beach is located about 25 kilometers west of Marsa Matruh.

This beach was called the Maldives of Egypt for the purity of its water and also for the gradation of its water colors and white, soft and pure sand.

Tips for successful real estate investment in Matrouh

● Before you enter the field of real estate investment in Matrouh, you must do good planning and determine your budget.
● You should familiarize yourself with all the laws and regulations that define transactions in the real estate sector.
● Understand the risks of real estate investments in order to prepare for them.
● Hire specialized experts to help you and advise you.
● Always look for companies that offer offers to take advantage of.
● Do not buy property in poor condition as it can cost you a lot of money to repair.
● Also, deal with honest companies to ensure the quality of the apartment or property.

Documents required to transfer the ownership of apartments in Matrouh

● A preliminary sale contract must be available from the owner, but in the case of more than one owner of the apartment, you must obtain copies of the agencies of other owners.
● Obtain an official power of attorney from the owner for the right to sell to himself and to others.
● Make a copy of the land ownership contract on which the property is located, and it is registered in the real estate registry.
● You must also make a copy of the license for the number of floors on the property.

Advantages of buying apartments in a residential complex

● The residential complex is secluded as it is surrounded by doors and fences.
● The residential complex has a guard and this makes you feel safe.
● The residential complexes are also characterized by calmness due to the small number of residents inside them.
● Most residential units provide green spaces and playgrounds.
● The goods that the residents need are present in the residential complex, which saves the residents time and effort.
● The residential complexes are characterized by a unified character, which gives them a distinctive touch.
● It provides ample parking spaces.

Disadvantages of buying in residential complexes

● limited choice.
● You will feel isolated because visits are difficult due to the gates and guard.
● The residential complexes are far from the city center because they need large spaces and green spaces around them.
● The prices of apartments in residential complexes are rising because of the services they provide.

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