Investing in Marsa Matrouh is considered a successful investment, whether investing in residential apartments or summer apartments, for many and varied reasons.

One of the most important projects that developed Matrouh in the last period is the new Fouka Road, as this project is considered one of the most important projects that linked Cairo and the North Coast.

It is also expected to establish investment projects contracts worth 4.5 billion pounds in Matrouh Governorate.

Things to consider before investing in Matrouh

● First, you should study the real estate market well, whether in summer apartments or residential apartments, to ensure that the return on investment is high, by knowing the most important locations of Matrouh real estate that are in high demand.
● It is also important to make a price comparison before buying similar units in the area in which you want to buy.
● Choosing the location of Marsa Matrouh apartments
● It is preferable that the apartment be close to services, such as restaurants, schools, and also centers.
● On-site parking must be provided.
● Apartments near the sea are also in high demand, as it is a great investment
● Be aware that apartment prices vary according to its area and proximity to the sea.
● Also, deal with reputable companies in the market to avoid fraud.
Celeste also offers apartments in Marsa Matrouh for the resort, close to the best beaches in Matrouh.

Some tips before investing in real estate

● You have to study the market well before investing money in it, to ensure that the investment will bring you a high return, by knowing the most important locations of real estate and apartments in Matrouh.
● Limit your budget and choose the best budget-friendly apartments.

Sale contract advice

● Of course, you have to look at the original purchase contract
● There must be photo floors numbers in the property and be licensed.
● There must also be a copy registered in the real estate registry of the land ownership contract on which the house is built.
● The ownership of the property must be officially guaranteed by the presence of official papers
● It is necessary to have the agencies of other owners and copies of them in case there is more than one owner.

Types of real estate investment in Matrouh

● Residential real estate is one of the most common real estate investments, because the population is increasing, and therefore the demand for residential and summer properties is increasing, as many vacationers accept them.
● Commercial real estate is also one of the most profitable real estate investments. This type includes markets, commercial centers, and parking lots. It also includes shops, storage buildings, and warehouses. This type of investment is the second-largest real estate investment after residential real estate, but it requires good design, operation, marketing, and maintenance.
● There is also administrative or office real estate, including administrative headquarters and offices, but it is not in great demand in Matrouh.
● Recreational real estate is considered one of the most difficult types of real estate because it costs high in construction and operation. The design factor and location are very important in this type of investment. Hotels, clubs, resorts, and also game cities are included in this type.
● The investor can also buy and renovate a property, where this property is in a bad condition and the buyer renovates and sells it. This type of investment is suitable for those looking to make quick profits.

Advantages of real estate investment

● Real estate can be used as reliable financial security for others, whether institutions or individuals.
● It can be used to access many opportunities and financial and financial facilities by mortgaging the property to obtain loans and financing.
● Loans and financing opportunities in which the property is financial security are among the easiest loans in terms of procedures and time.

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