Real estate investment is one of the most successful and guaranteed investments, but it requires study and experience. We will give you some advice before investing in real estate.
● In the beginning, determine your budget to choose the most suitable property for you.
● Choose an experienced real estate developer to help you choose the location and finalize papers.
● You must check all property papers and contracts
● Choose a suitable property location and employ it according to the prevailing activity in the area. For example, if the area is commercial, it is preferable to invest in a commercial property.
● You must make sure that the property is easily accessible and that transportation is available.
● Also, take care of the property shape to ensure your investment success.
● The property must be close to restaurants, schools, and shopping centers as well.

Some tips before entering into real estate investment

● Study the real estate market well to make sure that your choice of location is correct,
which will bring you a profitable return.
● Do research on similar units prices in the area in which you want to buy.
● Invest in existing buildings but be very careful about the property quality.
● Stay away from real estate that costs you a lot of money to repair.
● Know the market demand and choose the areas that are currently needed.
● Deal with credible companies for investment success.

Real estate investments types in Matrouh

Residential rental properties are considered as direct and simple investments, which achieve a
profit of 200% if they are in the area of universities or institutes, so the apartments are housing
for students.
Renting provides you with a constant source of income, but you need to know that these properties will need regular maintenance to maintain them.
One of the investment types is that you buy an old property and renovate and sell it, this task is not considered an easy task, you must know the real estate market and construction costs.
You must buy the property from the beginning at a cheap price to make a profit.
It is also important to look for inexpensive solutions to keep the property in good condition.
Buying apartments in the compound is a great investment opportunity, as there are a number of special coupons in Matrouh

Purchase contract advice

● The contract is the most important thing in the purchase deal, so you should be well aware of the contract terms offered by the company.
● Also, see the possibility of installments, the amount of payments, and the period of installments.
● Also, be aware of the penalty clauses in the contract.
● Check if there are additional fees in the contract and whether the contract includes an insurance clause.
● Also, see the property delivery time.
● See also the company’s real estate offers.

The best places to invest in Matrouh real estate

● The places near Rommel Beach are considered one of the best places to invest in Matrouh real estate, as this beach is considered one of the best beaches in Marsa  Matrouh. There is a wonderful archeological museum nearby, its water is characterized by colors gradation from white to turquoise to dark blue, about 4 km away from the city center near the beach, there are entertaining water games. You can also take cruises on this beach with sailboats.
Due to the importance of this beach, Celeste Real Estate Developed Rommel Compound, and Celeste Company also provides apartments for sale in Rommel.
● Agiba Beach is also one of the best beaches in Matrouh in terms of successful
investments, and this beach is classified as one of the best beaches in the world, as it is characterized by its transparent turquoise waters and soft white sand. This beach is located about 25 kilometers west of Marsa Matrouh, and it is an ideal place for tranquility and relaxation lovers, so it is also one of the best places for real estate investment.
● The places near Al-Abyad Beach are also a great opportunity for investment, as this beach is characterized by its crystal clear water and soft white sand, and it is considered a favorite place for many visitors, because it is close to the famous recreational and tourist places in the city, and also includes interesting water games as well as fun beach activities.
● Investing in real estate and apartments near Fayrouz Beach is also one of the most successful investments, as this beach is marked by its clear water and picturesque nature.

Advantages of investing in Matrouh real estate

● Matrouh is considered one of the most beautiful places for summer in Egypt.
● Most of the beaches have wonderful water games and the resorts can also ride yachts and boats.
● Visitors flock to it every year and therefore it is a great opportunity to invest in renting apartments.
● Matrouh is also witnessing great interest from countries, as many tourists visit it every year.
● The state is seeking to develop Rommel Beach, as it will extend the beach’s
infrastructure, including a water, electricity, and sewage network.
● The state will also implement a walkway for people with special needs to facilitate their access to the beach.
● The state will also develop cafeterias and restaurants.
● Parking will also be implemented outside the beach corridors to serve those coming to the beach.

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