Do you want to know the Bait Al Watan map? You heard about Bait Al Watan project, and you want to know all the areas in it to choose the most suitable for you if you are thinking of living in the Fifth Settlement, specifically the Bait Al Watan area, then you should contact CELESTE, and you will understand everything you are looking for, CELESTE is one of the most important real estate companies located in the Fifth Settlement area, specifically in the Beit Al-Watan area, and it has many residential cities and mini-compounds in it, and one of its most important projects inside Beit Al-Watan.

What is Beit Al-Watan?

Bait Al Watan project is an important project provided by the Ministry of Housing and Utilities through the Urban Communities Authority during the past few years.

Beit Al Watan area location

Bait Al Watan is located in the Fifth Settlement area in New Cairo, between Al-Rehab Extension and Madinaty, from the south we will find Sheikh Zayed, from the west Palm Hills Compound, from the north it is adjacent to Suez Road, and the New Ring Road is adjacent to it from the east.

Features of Beit Al-Watan

● Enjoy a great deal of sophistication, tranquility, and privacy.
● Choose any area you prefer from a group of 7 areas, each with its services and features.
● The presence of recreational areas in each area.
● Close to 90th Street and easy access to all services and entertainment venues.
● Real estate is built on only 50% of the area, the rest is green areas.
● Bait Al Watan is the best residential area in the Fifth Settlement and the least densely populated area.
● There are many clubs nearby, such as Degla and Platinum
● All buildings consist of a ground floor and 3 other floors only.
● The units inside are very well divided.
● Large green spaces.
● Easy access to and from other residential areas, whether inside or outside the Fifth Settlement.

What is the Bait Al Watan map?

● first district

The nearest area to Suez Road.
The first area was handed over to the owners.
It has more facilities than other areas.
Near Hyde Park Compound.

● second district

The only area overlooking 90th Street, and the closest to it.
Close to Clubs Street.
Near To Al Ahly Club.

● Third District

Near Suez Road.
It is located east near the I CITY compound.
Close to the VIEW ZONE from the west direction.
● Fourth District

It is located at the clubs’ hub.
It is located in front of Al-Ahly Club.
Close to the service area east side.

● Fifth District

From the west, it is close to the VIEW ZONE.
Near To Palm Hills Compound.

● Sixth District

Near To Al Ahly Club.
It is near the hub of clubs.
It is located on the axis of Bin Zayed.
Minutes away from the administrative capital.

● seventh district

Close to the administrative capital.
From the west, it is bounded by the VIEW ZONE.
It is considered the last neighborhood delivered so far to the owners.

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