What is real estate investing?

It is an important question for anyone who wants to reach an accurate definition of real estate investment, as it is a long-term investment that depends on owning, buying, renting, and selling real estate to make a profit.

What are the types of real estate investment in Egypt?

● Real estate investment in commercial and administrative units
● Real estate investment in residential units of various types, whether villas, chalets, or apartments
● Real estate investment in warehouses and factories
● Things to know when getting into real estate investing
● Make sure to specify the budget allocated for real estate investment, and it should include all expenses such as rent, repairs, or utilities
● Do a good study of the real estate market to know its conditions, and determine the best areas for real estate investment
● Choosing accredited agents when dealing in the real estate market to facilitate work and marketing
● Determine the right customer to target before entering into real estate investment projects

Are there controls and standards that guarantee real estate investment success?

● Ensure that you get a bank loan with the lowest down payment and longest repayment period
● Rely on buying and selling transactions to make profits from real estate investment
● Buying new real estate when real estate value increases
● revenues generated by the real estate should be greater than the total bank
installments and the expenses related to the real estate to make a profit after paying the expenses

What are the most attractive areas for real estate investment in Egypt?

● The new administrative capital

The New Administrative Capital occupies a distinguished position among the new cities for real estate investment. In the recent period, large real estate projects have been built in it, and it has become the right place for many investors to buy real estate.

● Sixth of October City

The Sixth of October District includes 12 districts, including many residential and urban projects. The projects` establishments are based on an organized plan.
This city is also recognized by the fact that it contains many roads that connect it with the major capital, to move from and to it easily

● Fifth Settlement City

The Fifth Settlement is known for its presence at an altitude of 180 meters above sea level, which makes it has moderate weather, which is one of the reasons for being one of the best investment areas in Egypt.

● Sheikh Zayed City

Sheikh Zayed City includes many urban projects and is defined by its large area of 11,000 acres.

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