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Bait Al Watan Fifth Settlement

Bait Al Watan, Fifth Settlement, has a separate position among all investment projects, where the construction rate is only 50%, and it provides you with calm and privacy to a large extent. It also includes many high-end areas, which are 8 areas each area, including special services and facilities, and a wonderful view For nerves calming green color, Bait Al Watan is portrayed by vast green spaces

Where is Bait Al Watan Fifth Settlement located?

Bait Al Watan is specified by its wonderful location, which makes it one of the most vital areas in the Fifth Settlement, as it is considered a link between New Cairo and the Administrative Capital, from the north 90 Street and Suez Road, and from the south the main axis of the administrative capital, which is the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, and from the west, There is the Clubs Road, which includes the Police Club, Al Jazira Club, and Al Ahly Club, in
addition to the nearby huge areas such as Madinaty, Al Rehab, Mostakbal City, and Al Shorouk

Why do we recommend Beit Al Watan Fifth Settlement?

● The distinct division of areas within Bait Al Watan, where each area is designated for an integrated service area, and a green space for each area
● The internal division of the units in Bait Al Watan is more than wonderful due to the building requirements, where the legal spaces start from 106 meters to 230 meters
● Ease of moving to and from any residential area inside or outside the Fifth Settlement
● Great facilities in repayment, where the repayment period is up to 6 years
● The privileged location that contributes to facilitating access to the main axes
● It contains the view zone, which works to provide an integrated service area for all neighborhoods in Beit Al Watan
● The interior and exterior design of Bait Al Watan properties, in addition to the excellent finishing, in addition to the security and safety features of each property, including:
➔ elevators
➔ ACS holders
➔ electronic garage gates
➔ Visible Intercom
➔ Heat and water insulation

Are there specific building requirements in the Beit Al Watan area?

At Celeste, we care about the areas and building requirements to ensure that the building is suitable for the needs of customers.
● The structural ratio is one of the most important basic requirements for building in the Beit Al Watan area. 50% of the land area is sufficient to achieve greater privacy.
● Real estate in the area of Beit Al Watan is similar to villas, as it consists of a service role, which is called the basement, a ground floor, and 3 other floors
● The number of apartments per floor is related to the land area, as in the following cases: It is required to build only two apartments per floor if the land area is less than 730 square meters. The number of apartments can be increased to 3 apartments per floor if the land area ranges between 730 square meters – 950 square meters, and a state fee is required to obtain a
license to build the third apartment. If the land area is more than 950 square meters, the number of apartments can be increased and one floor can be established on 4 apartments, with the need to obtain a license from the state for the fourth apartment in return for paying additional fees

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