Real Estate investment in Egypt

What is real estate investing?

It is an important question for anyone who wants to reach an accurate definition of real estate investment, as it is a long-term investment that depends on owning, buying, renting, and selling real estate to make a profit.

What are the types of real estate investment in Egypt?

● Real estate investment in commercial and administrative units
● Real estate investment in residential units of various types, whether villas, chalets, or apartments
● Real estate investment in warehouses and factories
● Things to know when getting into real estate investing
● Make sure to specify the budget allocated for real estate investment, and it should include all expenses such as rent, repairs, or utilities
● Do a good study of the real estate market to know its conditions, and determine the best areas for real estate investment
● Choosing accredited agents when dealing in the real estate market to facilitate work and marketing
● Determine the right customer to target before entering into real estate investment projects

Are there controls and standards that guarantee real estate investment success?

● Ensure that you get a bank loan with the lowest down payment and longest repayment period
● Rely on buying and selling transactions to make profits from real estate investment
● Buying new real estate when real estate value increases
● revenues generated by the real estate should be greater than the total bank
installments and the expenses related to the real estate to make a profit after paying the expenses

What are the most attractive areas for real estate investment in Egypt?

● The new administrative capital

The New Administrative Capital occupies a distinguished position among the new cities for real estate investment. In the recent period, large real estate projects have been built in it, and it has become the right place for many investors to buy real estate.

● Sixth of October City

The Sixth of October District includes 12 districts, including many residential and urban projects. The projects` establishments are based on an organized plan.
This city is also recognized by the fact that it contains many roads that connect it with the major capital, to move from and to it easily

● Fifth Settlement City

The Fifth Settlement is known for its presence at an altitude of 180 meters above sea level, which makes it has moderate weather, which is one of the reasons for being one of the best investment areas in Egypt.

● Sheikh Zayed City

Sheikh Zayed City includes many urban projects and is defined by its large area of 11,000 acres.


Bait Al Watan districts Fifth Settlement?

Bait Al-Watan district is one of the prominent high-end districts that include many valuable investment projects due to the increased demand for available units.
Bait Al-Watan includes 8 districts, each being different by its independence and privacy. Each district has special advantages, including location, a distance that separates it from the vital areas in the region, and other factors that contribute to giving each district a special advantage as follows:
● The Seventh and the Eighth districts in Bait Al Watan are defined by being the closest to the New Administrative Capital, as they are separated from it by the Mohammed bin Zayed axis.
● The first and the second districts of Bait Al Watan are considered the best in terms of infrastructure, as each of them is characterized by an integrated infrastructure, allowing it to be delivered to customers faster than other districts.
● The second, the sixth, and the eighth districts are the closest districts to the Fifth Settlement, as each district is distinguished by its unique location, which makes it the closest district of Beit Al Watan to the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo
● The second district is located on the northern 90th Street, which connects the district with the Fifth Settlement, while the Mohammed bin Zayed axis connects the sixth and eighth districts with the Fifth Settlement in the Lotus area in the heart of the Fifth Settlement
● One and Two districts are the closest districts to Bait Al Watan to Suez Road
We at Celeste are interested in working in the best Bait Al Watan districts according to each district’s advantages to help you make the decision that suits your aspirations and desires

Reasons behind the high demand for Beit Al Watan, Fifth Settlement
● Population density
Beit Al-Watan is marked by low population density, which guarantees the residents comfort and tranquility, and enjoyment of integrated services, and a high degree of efficiency, as the construction in Beit Al-Watan depends on the building requirements set by the New Urban Communities Authority, which requires a construction percentage of 50%, and allows floors and apartments constructions according to the space

● The site

Bait Al Watan area is considered the link between the Fifth Settlement and the New Administrative Capital, as it is located on the borders of the New Administrative Capital, and along the Northern 90 Street in the Fifth Settlement, as well as near some huge projects such as Al Rehab City, Palm Hills Compound, and Madinaty.

● Growth rates

Bait Al Watan area is in the first stage of growth, which results in an increase in investment opportunities, as a result of lower prices compared to the fully developed areas, and units prices in the Bait Al Watan area will increase once its services and facilities are completed.

● Project size

Beit Al Watan project is recognized for its huge size, which makes it one of the largest urban projects in New Cairo, with a total area of 4,200 acres, which provides an opportunity to build high-quality educational institutions, commercial and recreational facilities. You can find malls, schools, and even integrated sports clubs

Bait Al Watan and Real Estate Investment

Bait Al Watan Fifth Settlement is an investment area that reflects a strong future investment, as a result of the rapid rise in the average price per square meter in Bait Al Watan districts, which makes it a good opportunity for those who wish to invest.
Celeste owns many projects in Bait Al Watan, which makes it one of the most important and best real estate investment companies in the Fifth Settlement, as we are aware of the importance of the Bait Al Watan project

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Bait Al Watan Fifth Settlement

Bait Al Watan, Fifth Settlement, has a separate position among all investment projects, where the construction rate is only 50%, and it provides you with calm and privacy to a large extent. It also includes many high-end areas, which are 8 areas each area, including special services and facilities, and a wonderful view For nerves calming green color, Bait Al Watan is portrayed by vast green spaces

Where is Bait Al Watan Fifth Settlement located?

Bait Al Watan is specified by its wonderful location, which makes it one of the most vital areas in the Fifth Settlement, as it is considered a link between New Cairo and the Administrative Capital, from the north 90 Street and Suez Road, and from the south the main axis of the administrative capital, which is the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, and from the west, There is the Clubs Road, which includes the Police Club, Al Jazira Club, and Al Ahly Club, in
addition to the nearby huge areas such as Madinaty, Al Rehab, Mostakbal City, and Al Shorouk

Why do we recommend Beit Al Watan Fifth Settlement?

● The distinct division of areas within Bait Al Watan, where each area is designated for an integrated service area, and a green space for each area
● The internal division of the units in Bait Al Watan is more than wonderful due to the building requirements, where the legal spaces start from 106 meters to 230 meters
● Ease of moving to and from any residential area inside or outside the Fifth Settlement
● Great facilities in repayment, where the repayment period is up to 6 years
● The privileged location that contributes to facilitating access to the main axes
● It contains the view zone, which works to provide an integrated service area for all neighborhoods in Beit Al Watan
● The interior and exterior design of Bait Al Watan properties, in addition to the excellent finishing, in addition to the security and safety features of each property, including:
➔ elevators
➔ ACS holders
➔ electronic garage gates
➔ Visible Intercom
➔ Heat and water insulation

Are there specific building requirements in the Beit Al Watan area?

At Celeste, we care about the areas and building requirements to ensure that the building is suitable for the needs of customers.
● The structural ratio is one of the most important basic requirements for building in the Beit Al Watan area. 50% of the land area is sufficient to achieve greater privacy.
● Real estate in the area of Beit Al Watan is similar to villas, as it consists of a service role, which is called the basement, a ground floor, and 3 other floors
● The number of apartments per floor is related to the land area, as in the following cases: It is required to build only two apartments per floor if the land area is less than 730 square meters. The number of apartments can be increased to 3 apartments per floor if the land area ranges between 730 square meters – 950 square meters, and a state fee is required to obtain a
license to build the third apartment. If the land area is more than 950 square meters, the number of apartments can be increased and one floor can be established on 4 apartments, with the need to obtain a license from the state for the fourth apartment in return for paying additional fees


Compound in Marsa Matrouh

Marsa Matrouh has recently witnessed a lot of developments and expansions in industrial and agricultural fields, and even investments, as it achieved great success in attracting investors to build real estate.
Many investment projects have been implemented in Marsa Matrouh, which resulted in containing more than one distinct compound that includes all amenities and entertainment.
We at Celeste own more than one compound in Marsa Matrouh to provide you with the right place and price easily and without searching that consumes time and effort.
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Real estate market in Egypt

What is the future of the real estate market in Egypt? What are the real estate market advantages? What are the signs that indicate the real estate market’s success in Egypt? Find out the answers in this article

The real estate market future in Egypt in the coming period is distinct and includes a lot of prosperity and growth, due to the government’s interest in the real estate sector. The real estate market in Egypt is witnessing a remarkable period of growth at all levels, whether construction or buying and selling, due to several factors, the most influential of which is the many new areas developments encouraging real estate investment, and these areas include New Cairo City, New Alamein City, the Administrative Capital, the North Coast, and other areas, ensuring the stability of the real estate market in the next phase of 2021, as the real estate sector is one of the most important axes in the Egyptian economy

The reasons behind the real estate market boom expectations in the future

● Stability in the prices of building materials, and the decline in the price of the dollar
● Low-interest rates within banks in light of the recent decisions of the Central Bank
● Starting life in the new administrative capital and other fourth-generation cities
● Government movement to the new administrative capital
● Positive results of the economic reform program adopted by the government

Egyptian real estate advantages

● Real estate investment is very popular as one of the best aspects of safe investments,
and it provides many advantages, the most important of which are:
● Generate passive income that is relatively tax-free
● The ability to establish a continuous financial value without interruption, considering
real estate immovable fixed assets, as it is the net profit that is added to the income
● Achieving a better living standard for the community as a whole by improving the available housing units
● Achieving protection against inflation, when price levels rise, rent prices rise, which means an increase in revenues from renting real estate and protection of investors from inflation is achieved
● Business development through real estate investment in different ways in the market, which gives you the opportunity to improve and develop your business and increase your wealth quickly Future success evidence of the Egyptian real estate market
● The demand for real estate in Egypt is higher than the supply in all types of real estate
● The process of buying assets is a culture adopted by many in Egypt, especially in real estate
● Increasing population numbers, corresponding to an increase in the need to buy real estate to cover the population density and meet the population needs
● An increase in marriage rates, which is a reason for the increase in the need for real estate for a living, confirms the success of the real estate market
● Payment facilities have become more flexible than in the past, as customers are able to pay the value of the property in monthly or quarterly installments at a moderate value
● The increase in gas prices will be followed by an increase in the price of real estate units, but new facilities will be adopted to keep pace with the increase in the price of real estate for the benefit of customers


Rommel Beach in Marsa Matrouh

Do you want spending an enjoyable vacation in one of the distinctive tourist cities? Don’t think too much! Marsa Matrouh is one of the beautiful coastal cities in the world. Let’s learn more about Marsa Matrouh beaches.
Matrouh beaches are one of the most attractive beaches in Egypt, where they attract citizens and tourists every year, due to the charm that reflects in its clear water and soft sand. Just choose the beach you want to enjoy, and we guarantee you with Celeste an enjoyable time and a unique experience because we care about your comfort and well-being, as we have several compounds developed on Marsa Matrouh beaches.
know with us Matrouh beaches and its most prominent advantages
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